This recent publication by the EU Directorate General for Research and Innovation may be of interest to the MobiSpaces community as it features a number of interesting project and research initiatives.  Published in November 2022 and named the Ocean-Climate Nexus: Understanding the changes, responding to the challenges the report is a timely reminder of the importance of research to find solutions and innovations, that can also support decision-makers when designing climate change mitigation and adaptation policies.

The EU has funded significant scientific research on the ocean and climate nexus, as well as initiatives to support the European Green Deal and innovative projects to bring sustainable technological solutions like MobiSpaces. According to the Directorate ”Research has also helped bringing forth solutions and innovations, and supporting decision-making in climate change mitigation and adaptation policies, as well as in policies aimed at preserving a healthy state of the ocean and seas. This new publication focuses on the crucial role of the ocean-climate nexus for climate change processes”.

The report is freely downloadable here. 

Ocean-climate Nexus Publication