Description and Scope

MobiSpaces delivers an end-to-end mobility-aware and mobility optimised data governance platform, that concerns the offerings of data acquisition, in-situ processing and all the security- and privacy-related operations.

MobiSpaces envisions a set of toolboxes, suites, and tools that implement the MobiSpaces concept. MobiSpaces identifies the AI-based Data Operations Toolbox, including an additional list of tools, namely the Declarative querying, Decentralized Data Management, and Online Data Aggregator. In addition MobiSpaces utilises the Edge Analytics Suite, including a further list of tools, namely the XAI Prediction Modelling, Edge-driven Federated Learning, and Visual Analytics. MobiSpaces currently has five use cases utilising these tools including; iRoute, SmartSense, MarineTrafficTracker, Vessel Edge, and CrowdSeaMapping.

Join us in our first introductory webinar " Meet the MobiSpaces Use Cases: Innovations for Urban and Maritime Domains " on 31 January 2023, 11:00-12:15 CEST where you can hear directly from the project.

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Who should attend and why?
Anyone who is interested in Earth or environmental data and easily accessing them should attend, but most especially:

  • Research and academia representatives and researchers tinterested in the entire lifecycle of research data on mobility, fostering interoperability and sharing of information.
  • Policy makers and actors EU, Member States, local governments, maritime authorities, intergovernmental organizations, standards organizations; public actors with an interest in smart & sustainable mobility, IoT technologies for urban and maritime management.
  • The private sector and their developers particularly those working on urban or maritime mobility; develop and/or exploit innovative solutions leading to a sustainable development of their activities.
  • Software Developers & User Communities: representative who develop, exploit, and promote advanced software for mobility.
  • Citizen scientists and general public that would like to have better access to mobility data for their own research

Watch the webinar here


Moderated by:

Matteo Falsetta MobiSpaces Project Manager


11:00 Welcome

Matteo Falsetta - MobiSpaces Project Manager - SLIDES

Christos Doulkeridis - MobiSpaces Technical Coordinator - SLIDES

11:15 Introducing The MobiSpaces Use Cases

Lorenzo Mantero - iRoute Use Case - SLIDES

Gabriel Braun - SmartSense Use Case - SLIDES

Konstantina Bereta - MarineTrafficTracker Use Case - SLIDES

Dabi Oener - VesselEdge Use Case - SLIDES

Ove Andersen - CrowdSeaMapping Use Case - SLIDES

11:50 Panel Discussion and Q&A with speakers

12:10 Closing remarks

Watch the webinar here


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